Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring has sprung!

      We are sorry we have not posted in a bit, but we have been very busy.  This hard winter has left scars on our farm and we have a lot of work to do to get things back in order.   Our larger, older hoop house collapsed under the weight of snow and freezing rain, and although we are harvesting collards in there now, we are cleaning up the small hoop house, removing all of the good stuff that was on or in the big hoop house, and getting ready to use the saws-all...  RIP Clearspan whatever number you were assigned.

       We have had a happy and successful kidding season this year and we have been blessed with seven happy and healthy little kids.  Our does have had a single buck, a pair of bucks, a pair of does and a twin buck and doe.  We have one mature doe to kid, someday?!  Now, we have to start on the pig side, and we have five pregnant sows.  If we have any luck at all, we will have about forty little pigs on the ground any day now.  Probably this will happen in pretty quick succession.  One sow is ready to go any time now, the other four have a week or so longer.  We have safe shelter for the other four, but when we have those babies, we will be struggling both to keep up with the feed and to keep the fences up for all of these little ones!

    All of these babies assure us of income for the coming season, and assure you of a supply of safe and carefully raised meat.  We continue to send pigs in to our retail partner, Three Rivers Market in Knoxville, and to supply the Boone Street Market, and restaurant partners Wellington's, the Blackthorne Grille, OliBea's, Good Golly Tamale.

    In the absence of much of a farmers' market, we have embarked on two new projects:  for those of you in the Knoxville and surrounding area, we are doing informal cooking demonstrations with samples, at the Saw Works Brewery.  We are combining beer in recipes that include farm products in interesting and simple, home style ways.  Plan an interesting and relaxing afternoon at the Saw Works, and of course we will bring the big farm truck so that you will have an opportunity to buy things you might be missing in your freezer.

   We have also embarked on the quest to produce a good, genuine local hot dog, as well as bratwurst and sweet Italian sausage.  Next week, we will drive two large pigs to Kentucky to come back with a large quantity of sausages made from our own pigs.  Our first enterprise will be to bring them to folks at the spring races in Bristol.  We are taking the big farm truck to Shadrack's Watersports parking lot.  If you are a race fan, come see us there.  We will continue to have sausages and hot dogs made to supply summer farmers' markets and to keep our retailers supplied.  Make plans to pick up some of this great product for your summer grilling!

    Again, John and I apologize for having been out of touch a bit.  As you can see, we have not been too quiet, just busy!  We always have time to talk to the folks who support us, so if you need something from us, or you want to ask a question please call, e-mail or send us a message on facebook.  We would love to hear from you!  Elizabeth, John and Emma

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