Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Hello everyone, I just got through updating our square store with new products and cleaning up some things we no longer have. Go check it out.....NOW! : )

Anyway, things are going well on the farm and we are plugging along. We tried a few new recruits recently but they didn't pan out however we have someone that will be helping with deliveries and some chores, his name is Michael and you'll meet him down the road soon. He's from WV but don't hold that against him, he's here to help and he's a real nice guy.

This is Everisto, he's in charge of processing the wonderful linked sausages and bacon you've been seeing and (hopefully buying) recently. He's been doing a fantastic job with the bacon in particular but the linked items are selling well. If we have it be sure to ask about the Spanish Style Chorizo he's producing. Its from his family recipe in Spain and it will blow you away. It sells out quick so if you want some please ask.

We are super excited about these products, did I mention the bacon......! but we also have Bratwurst, Italian, Andouille and Polish Sausages. ALL with 100% NATURAL ingredients and NATURAL casings.

Elizabeth also made a wonderful batch of Pesto which has all kinds of natural and organic ingredients for sales also. She has won at the Pesto Festo a few years so it really is great. Click the link for more information but be warned, its in short supply.

And lastly please check out Local Farms To Families its a virtual farmers market that will deliver to several locations from Knoxville and the surrounding areas up to Johnson City and surrounding areas. They have a wide variety of product from local vendors like us.

And lastly again, really! We all have bills to pay and rely on great customers like you to buy our product. If you don't buy it we don't pay the bills (which actually will happen) so PLEASE do all of us farmers a favor and visit our stores, JEM Farm and Local Farms To Families. I promise you won't regret it and YOU will be making a difference.

Thank You All
John & Elizabeth

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Howdy all, its been a busy summer and we've had our ups and downs like everyone else but we are still plugging along.

Our csa is doing great and our turkeys are growing well for thanksgiving which will be here sooner than you think.  We as usual have a bunch of chickens and rabbits and of course a lot of pork.

Elizabeth is picking up some special linked sausage today and we'll have them for Saturday's Market Square so my advice would be to order early. Theyre gunna be delicious.

On a side note there seems to be some confusion lately on our produce production but there is NO confusion because we have NO produce. Sorry no time equals no produce, maybe this fall but.................

One last thing, so listen up. Most of our customers are aware that we USED TO BE CERTIFIED ORGANIC but time, money and the burdens of USDA regulations made that very hard so we let the certification go. We apologize for any confusion we may have caused but rest assured the ONLY thing that has changed is the lack of paperwork and the over site of the USDA.  Our approach, philosophy and practices have NOT CHANGED. As noted above we are not growng anything these days but that will change one of thesr days, if i can figure out how to build a robot army

As always THANK YOU ALL for your support.

John & Elizabeth

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

JEM Farm CSA Discount Open Until March 31

CSA Fair March 31, Knoxville

Because of the upcoming CSA fair in Knoxville, we've again opened up our 10% discount off the CSA Price through March 31.  YEA>>>>YA-HOOOOOO

Use Code JEMCSA at checkout when ORDERING

For a very lengthy explanation of our CSA with charts, graphs and stick figures scroll down to the bottom of this blog OR you can click HERE for the much condensed version that you can read on the potty........or your favorite reading spot.......mine's on the potty...........

John & Elizabeth

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Farms To Families Virtual Farmers Market

Local Farms To Families....click me : )

Delivering your farm market favorites closer to home.

We've been working on this for a while now and its open for business. Farms To Families is a virtual farmers market for those who cannot make your local farmers market but still want to participate in the all natural goodness of your local community.

What is it again...?

This is your source for a wide variety of products normally found in your local farmer market, instead you can order the same things through Farms To Families and have them delivered to centralized drop off point close to your location. There are NO membership fees, NO crowds, NO parking problems and you get the same stuff that you would have from the farmers market.

Farms To Families accepts, credit cards, EBT/SNAP and COD......whats not to like about this?

When you click on Ordering you can see the delivery locations, as well, you can contact JEM Farm for alternative delivery locations in the Kingsport/Rogersville/Johnson City locations AND if that wont work you can contact Farms To Families to make specific delivery arrangements that suit your schedule.

So, now there's no excuse for you to get the product you need from your favorite family run farm......like ummmm JEM Farm.

Whats the link again?  Local Farms To Families

See you there and thanks.

John & Elizabeth

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

We wanted to take a minute to recognize the following breweries that allow us to pick up thier spent grains to feed our animals. If you love great beer like we do, be sure to visit each of these great breweries. They take great pride in their craft and are wonderful to work with.

These folks seriously help offset our feed costs that in turn keep our prices stable and hopefully affordable to everyone.

We just wanted to say Thanks!

Alliance Brewery

John & Elizabeth

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OK, so I have some time on my hands........ I know, I know.


I wanted to let you know that JEM Farm is offering whole Fresh Ham for Easter. We've allocated several of our Large Black and Red Waddle Hogs for this offer (they may or may not be happy about this prospect but this'll be our little secret.......)

What you'll get? One whole Fresh Ham, trimmed to perfection and ready for your oven. Tired of the same old same old for your Easter feast, I hear you, so are we.

Way, way waaaayyyy back when we were youngsters this is what our family fixed for Easter in the "old country" and whats better that a 12-16 pound chunk of meat from a Heritage Hog that you actually know where it came from, who handled it, what it ate, where it slept.

We will also be posting recipe's on this blog for those of you apprehensive about cooking this but fear not young foodie, we can help. Elizabeth is/was a real honest "paid" Chef in a former life and is truly gifted with the gift of cooking and she can help. Ha, we may set up a "Pork Hot Line" for call in questions..........now that's a good idea......maybe a youtube video.......... :)

BUT.....again, I digress. These hams available at our online store have to be pre ordered because every pig only has 2 and we will schedule the processing dates so give us a jingle and order one now!

John & Elizabeth

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$50.00 DISCOUNT............$50.00 DISCOUNT......did we get your attention?

We've decided (for a limited time) to offer a discount to our CSA this spring. Hey! things are tough all over and we are right there with you...believe me.

We very much want to help everyone get the freshest food available for your family and save some DOUGH at the same time. We are working hard here on the farm and we want to work hard for you and your family.

Scroll down for a complete explanation of our offering for the csa and what you can expect when you work with us. We pride ourselves of customer satisfaction and returning customers, so take a look umm or read below and find out more.

If your sitting on the fence, hop off and give us a jingle. I guarantee you will Not regret it!

Go to our online store and choose promo code JEMCSA at checkout and you'll save $50.00 Samonlians.

Thanks and if you see a trail of mud at the farmers market, its probably one of your local JEM Farmers so follow the trail and say "hey"

John & Elizabeth

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

JEM Farm as been selected as one of the top
50 Blogs on Agriculture for 2016. All we can
say is thanks, we will wear it proud.

John & Elizabeth

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Hello all. At long last our bitterly slow service finally let me upload this short video about the farm. Enjoy!

John & Elizabeth

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Howdy everyone hope this letter finds you all well and not too tired of this crazy weather, As I write this its 70 degrees and expecting thunder storms. Tomorrow it may snow.....great that's just great!

Anyway as you have probably noticed we've added a CSA section to our blog spot and its pretty awesome, go check it out......Now!!!!!      I'll wait.

Ok, you're back, if your in need of a printed copy to pass around your office, at the gym, while your getting a colonoscopy etc. here it is. Feel free to print away and we can't wait for You to sign up.


John & Elizabeth

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