Saturday, February 18, 2017

OK, so I have some time on my hands........ I know, I know.


I wanted to let you know that JEM Farm is offering whole Fresh Ham for Easter. We've allocated several of our Large Black and Red Waddle Hogs for this offer (they may or may not be happy about this prospect but this'll be our little secret.......)

What you'll get? One whole Fresh Ham, trimmed to perfection and ready for your oven. Tired of the same old same old for your Easter feast, I hear you, so are we.

Way, way waaaayyyy back when we were youngsters this is what our family fixed for Easter in the "old country" and whats better that a 12-16 pound chunk of meat from a Heritage Hog that you actually know where it came from, who handled it, what it ate, where it slept.

We will also be posting recipe's on this blog for those of you apprehensive about cooking this but fear not young foodie, we can help. Elizabeth is/was a real honest "paid" Chef in a former life and is truly gifted with the gift of cooking and she can help. Ha, we may set up a "Pork Hot Line" for call in that's a good idea......maybe a youtube video.......... :)

BUT.....again, I digress. These hams available at our online store have to be pre ordered because every pig only has 2 and we will schedule the processing dates so give us a jingle and order one now!

John & Elizabeth

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