Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Farms To Families Virtual Farmers Market

Local Farms To me : )

Delivering your farm market favorites closer to home.

We've been working on this for a while now and its open for business. Farms To Families is a virtual farmers market for those who cannot make your local farmers market but still want to participate in the all natural goodness of your local community.

What is it again...?

This is your source for a wide variety of products normally found in your local farmer market, instead you can order the same things through Farms To Families and have them delivered to centralized drop off point close to your location. There are NO membership fees, NO crowds, NO parking problems and you get the same stuff that you would have from the farmers market.

Farms To Families accepts, credit cards, EBT/SNAP and COD......whats not to like about this?

When you click on Ordering you can see the delivery locations, as well, you can contact JEM Farm for alternative delivery locations in the Kingsport/Rogersville/Johnson City locations AND if that wont work you can contact Farms To Families to make specific delivery arrangements that suit your schedule.

So, now there's no excuse for you to get the product you need from your favorite family run ummmm JEM Farm.

Whats the link again?  Local Farms To Families

See you there and thanks.

John & Elizabeth

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