Monday, March 9, 2015

Morning Everyone.

We had a great weekend and had a great day at the Winter Farmers Market in Knoxville on Saturday. The weather was fantastic and since everyone had cabin fever we saw a lot of our friends. I just love Saturdays!

Well, JEM Farm is Super excited to announce that we are selling through They've developed an online farmers market and we jumped on-board. They are a fantastic company to work with and are committed to supplying farm fresh LOCAL food to its customers. They have actually sent their employees to training sessions to help them understand the pliet of the farmer and what it takes to get these products from the farm to the consumer.

This is VERY COOL and I want to give a shout to our Customer Care Representative "Faviola" from Overstock. She is fantastic to work with and a joy to talk to over the phone. (she's in Utah) so we've never met......YET!

This is perfect for those individuals who simply can't or don't want to visit their farmers markets but still want Farm Fresh Product.

We offer deliveries from Bristol TN to Oak Ridge and all points in between.
John & Elizabeth

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