Tuesday, April 21, 2015

This month has been the month of babies.  We have had four of the five litters of piglets, successfully, and are waiting for the last litter to arrive.  Two of the sows decided to farrow (the special pig term for birthing) out in the woods, one in our neighbor's front yard...  We had to escort that pig home with her six babies, but the mama in the woods is on property we manage, and she is happily raising her young ones out doors.  We have provided her with a tarp for the storms we have been having lately.
  The storms and the warmer weather have made for lots of grass growing, and we have been reluctant to mow because of the wet. We are planning to move some of the grazing animals around to take care of the grass growth.

   We have been welcoming visitors to our home and farm, and we are looking forward to having a long term visitor from Spain.  Raul will be here on about the first of May and is looking forward to learning about our part of the world.  We have enjoyed spending time with our friends from Nashville, and a local friend is coming over the mountain from Sneedville to help us with some household chores.  If you want to spend some time getting muddy and learning more about animals or plants, let us know and we will work with you to get you some experience.

     Two weeks ago, we worked hard with the folks from the Porter Road Butcher shop to create bratwurst, sweet Italian sausage and all natural hot dogs.  These wonderful products, made from our own pigs, are made without any fillers, additives and in natural casings.  There is wonderful flavor and great texture.  These are products you can be proud to serve at home, and that you can feel good about serving to your children. For more information about them, and for the chance to get some, please plan to attend the ETSU Farmer s' Market on Thursday, the 23rd, this week.  Come out to the Saw Works brewery on Saturday the 25th at 3:30PM and actually taste our wonderful bratwurst with some of the great Saw Works beer!
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