Saturday, February 21, 2015

Well, its snowing again........I'm not sure Tennessee is made for this type of weather. The farm has ground to a halt between the fridged tempatures, the ice and now another 4 inches of snow. And oh! good news, it looks like it'll rain for the next 2 days so everything is going to be just like soup out there.....:(

On the lighter side, we've partnered with a local butcher shop in Knoxville that will process our animals and make Artisanal products from our NON GMO and Pasture Raised Animals.

His name is Willy's Butcher Shop and he makes some wonderful Kielbasa, Bratwurst, Smoked Products and fantastic cuts of meat. Check out the available product at our Secure Online Shop, place your order and we'll come see you!

We look forward to working with Willy and his crew. With his charcuterie prowess and our NON GMO Hogs I'm sure you'll agree this combination can't be beat!

John & Elizabeth

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