Monday, February 23, 2015


We dug ourselves out of the snow last night and made it down to Knoxville this morning to drop off 2 pigs at Three Rivers Market and also picked up the first cuts from our pig at Willy's Butcher Shop.

Robert and the gang are going to be busy, they've got about 400 lbs of meat to cut tomorrow and not a moment too soon as they were OUT of sausage today!

Willy sure delivered on our piggie as the cuts we picked up today look FANTASTIC! We have pork sirloin chops, rib chops, uncured pork belly, boned rolled and tied boston butt, my mouth is watering so i'll quit. Be sure to stop by our online shop and get some while it lasts and remember all our Pork is NON GMO and Pasture Raised.

John & Elizabeth

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