Tuesday, January 17, 2017

January product sales

From John & Elizabeth, January 2017

Hey folks!  Happy 2017
In the doldrums of a wet and yucky January, we are asking for your support to get our new season rolling again!  We have several interesting products to offer for the New Year, as follows!

Lard- I need orders, as this is a time consuming and messy process.  $12 quart, $8 a pint 

Turkeys- I have 3 large turkeys to process.  Unless you would like to eat another turkey whole, I propose to process them and cut them into quarters.  Then, if you want a turkey breast or turkey leg quarters for fajitas, or whatever, you may have them.  My guess, is that the boneless breasts are about 3 lbs each, and the leg quarters (bone in) will be about 3/4 as well.  Either of those parts are $18, delivered. If anyone is interested in making turkey stock for the freezer, then I will have the carcasses and the feet and necks for your stock projects.  Each carcass would be $5, the legs and necks, an additional $5 and the organs, $2.50+/- depending on what you want.

Turkeys, smoked- we are going to smoke two smaller turkeys.  We will break them down as described above, boneless breasts and bone-in leg quarters.  Each quarter, is $16, as these quarters will not weigh 3 lbs each, more like 2/2.5 lbs.

We have a selection of grass fed steaks in the freezer.  We have bone-in rib eyes, bone in NY strips, butchers' sirloin steaks (from the top round), and a couple of packages of T-bones.  I also have picked up a couple of bone-in chuck roasts, about 3 lbs each.  Steaks can go for $12 lb, chuck roasts for $10 lb.

This month is the last month we will be able to offer the bulk sausage at $3.60 lb for 25 lbs or more.  You may mix flavors, and we have mild breakfast, hot breakfast, plain ground pork, mild Italian and zesty Italian available.  All are very clean, non-GMO and no MSG except for the zesty.  After this month, the sausage will be $4 for the 25 lb quantity.

We also want to offer you the option to purchase our Porter Rd link sausages at a reduced rate.  Normally the bratwurst and Italian sausages are $10, but we would like to offer them at $80 for 10 packages.  You may mix flavors on these sausages as well.  Your options are sweet Italian, hot Italian and bratwurst.  Selections are limited, and the sweet is in especially short supply.

So help us out, our electric bill is $250 this month with chicken brooding, and we are reseeding pastures and working hard in the sloppy mud!  Look for us at the winter Farmers' Market with nourish Knoxville, and we will see you soon!  https://nourishknoxville.com/winter-market/ Thanks again!  

Elizabeth, John and Emma.  

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