Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fall farm news, 2016

John & Elizabeth

I preface this by saying the more things change, the more they stay the same!  It is farm life, baby!  And there is nothing like struggling to keep the pigs in, working hard on the fences, and waking up to the front yard full of pigs!  We now have about 65/70 pigs, all sizes, two boars, lots of sows, many pregnant, and about 15/18 little ones.  It is pretty crazy!  We have a number is sows that have Yorkshire and Hampshire in their back ground, and we have a very diligent red wattle boar.  We also have a sweet Hereford boar, but usually the red wattle has been there first.  Recently, we have added a big bunch of large blacks to the herd.  They are very friendly and a little longer legged than many of our pigs.

So, in this proliferation of pigs, you have an opportunity: we have, and will continue to have, lots of pigs to sell.  We have spent the last several years discouraging the sale of pigs from the farm in the interest of maintaining our stock for breeding.  Now we are well placed to be able to supply our restaurants, our retail customers, our farmers market and sales from the farm.  Whether you are looking for sausage for breakfast, a ham for Christmas, piglets to raise or a pig for your luau we have the selection you are looking for!

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