Sunday, May 15, 2016

Well its been a very busy spring but we promised to update this blog before things get completely out of hand so here goes.

The big news is that JEM Farm has a full time Grower (yippie). Her name is Kara and if its green its her responsibility. She's doing a great job whipping our fields and hoop houses into shape. No doubt you've seen her with Elizabeth at the market but if you haven't please make a point of stopping buy to say hello.

Let see.... JEM farm is swimming in pigs so far this year. We were able to buy a lots of Red Waddle pigs early in the spring and they're gaining weight nicely. We also have several Large Black pigs that we just acquired, they're small and we never have raised them before so time will tell. Its a little impossible to keep our large Red Waddle boar behind any sort of fence these days. He really likes to fight with our big ole Hereford boar and they've been tearing each other to shreds so time will tell if we go back down to 1 in tact boar.......

We recently acquired 2 ponies from a neighbor, apparently he thought we didn't have enough to do......we know little about horses but the girl horse was pregnant and the boy is just pretty. We had no idea how pregnant she was until she had a baby on Mothers Day. They're healthy and happy and somehow we're chiseling time out of each day to spend a few minutes with them.

This year we are raising and breeding rabbits for meat. We are starting slowly and only have a few for sale at a time but with good breeding schedule we should have a full freezer in no time.

Our meat chickens are growing nicely. We've been approved to process these birds on the farm which means we can do a few birds at a time mostly to order and sell them fresh (not frozen) at the market.

I could ramble on but I know your as busy as we are. I promise to be more diligent with our news and keep everyone informed as to whats happening out here.

John & Elizabeth

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