Monday, June 8, 2015

Busy season

John & Elizabeth

Now it is full summer in East Tennessee.  Each day it is warm and sticky, really exhausting if you are out in the sun, and each evening is still warm, but not nearly so humid (thank the Lord!).  The downside of all of this beautiful weather is that we have had hardly a sprinkle of rain in more than a month.  The cars are covered with dust, the soil is cracking, the stream is drying up, the fields where we have several animals are a pile of dust and all of plants are stressed.
    On the up side, we have finished our mid sized, middle aged RV, and have it fully outfitted for visitors.  It has a real bed and is suitable for two folks at a time.  It has been a long time coming, but it is cute and very nice for this time of year.  Now, we will get cracking sometime on the solar shower and the composting toilet.  John built the fire pit one Saturday when he was by himself with Raul.  It will all happen!
      Speaking of happening, we have big broilers going to the butcher this week, and a smaller bunch of rabbits (about 15).  We are so thrilled to have this nice batch of animals that will be available fresh this week, and frozen thereafter.  This week is also the week that we return to Portjer Rd in Kentucky. John has delivered almost 1000 lbs of pig to be made into the really excellent bratwurst, the sweet Italian sausage and our all natural, with natural casings, hot dogs.  We will not be making the 12 hour drive to Princeton, KY again until the hot dogs are more throughly cured, so we will plan that trip when we get a phone call!
     And the elderberry soda, made with the probiotic sweet green tea Kombucha is really killer.  I think my version would not be good with gin, as the British prefer, but I would bet rum and vodka would make excellent drinks with a twist of lemon or lime!  The latest syrup is elderflower and raspberry.  Some of our raspberries were very ripe, and this seemed like the way to go.  Ask fo some at the Saw Works next week after the market!
    Finally, this is the week that our friends Rachel and Matt are getting married.  Rachel is the herbalist behind "reclaiming our roots" and has helped many of you with herbal teas, personal consultations and her knowledge of our natural world from her home and at the farmers market.  I am cooking the whole pig for them at their wedding reception location, and will be cooking and pulling the pork for their BBQ reception.  My daughter is so excited!  I know we will have a wonderful time and a wonderful meal.  Pictures after the function!

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